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Technology and Production

Honeycomb filler is the most promising material for the manufacture of ultralight and durable structures for various purposes. Honeycomb core is a cellular structure. The shape of the placeholder cells follows the shape of bee honeycombs (hence the "honeycomb").


Ecological cleanliness

Honeycomb core is an environmentally friendly product and has a low cost of disposal, as well as:
✓ Low price;
✓ High usability of the final product.


Convenience of transportation

Transportation and storage in a compressed state allows you to:
✓ Save on transportation costs;
✓ Minimize the storage space.


High processability

✓ Simplicity of the manufacturing process that does not require additional processing before use;
✓ Lower weight of products while still ensuring high structural characteristics;
✓ The best heat and sound insulation.


Honeycomb core we produce
An automated production line enables the production of paper honeycomb core of infinite length with the following characteristics:
✓ Height (N) - from 10 to 100 mm; width (unstretched) - max. 1600 mm;
✓ Width (B - stretched) - max. 1280 mm;
✓ Length (L) - infinite;
✓ Cell size (diameter of a circle inscribed in a hexagon) – 14, 21 and 27 mm;
✓ Compressive strength - from 1.4 to 5.5 kg /cm²

Fluting with a density of 120 to 200 g/m². is used for the production of honeycomb core.

The honeycomb core is one of the most economical modern structural materials. High strength with low weight, low cost, environmental friendliness, high heat and sound insulation, the ability to absorb shock loads well, high processability - all these factors determine the wide range of use of honeycomb, which is limited only by your imagination..


Our Panels
Panels made of honeycomb filler (or honeycomb panels) are made by gluing paper honeycombs on top and bottom with cardboard. At the moment we offer honeycomb panels with the following parameters:

✓ Length - up to 2500 mm;
✓ Width - from 30 mm to 800 mm;
✓ Height - from 10 mm to any necessary height;
✓ Cells - 14 mm, 21 mm, 27 mm.

For the production of honeycomb panels, we use paper honeycombs of our production and chipboard 300g/m².


Our pallets
Ecological transport pallets from honeycombs - the solution to many issues in the field of freight transportation. Transport pallets are made of cellulose honeycomb filler and cardboard. Such pallets are capable of carrying a dynamic load of up to 1500 kg.

The main advantages of honeycomb pallets:
✓ Pallet weight of about 2.5-3 kg;
✓ Pallet is fully recyclable;
✓ Does not need sanitary phyto-treatment;
✓ A pallet can have non-standard dimensions for a certain load.


AdBoard - honeycomb panels for the production of advertising stands

We bring to your attention AdBoard - one of the most trending materials in the advertising industry. AdBoard is a honeycomb for the production of advertising stands. AdBoard is made of easily recyclable materials with coated upper layers.

The standard dimensions of the AdBoard are 1220x2440 mm, but it is possible to produce the material of the size you need. Thickness is 10 mm and more.

AdBoard is suitable for high-quality printing. After printing, the necessary details are cut out from the panel and the stand structures are formed.

AdBoard application is limited only by your imagination. Such designs can be used in advertising, for exhibitions and art installations, for the manufacture of stylish furniture and many more different applications.


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