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paper honeycomb products

Welcome to Honeycomb Technologies Latvia

Paper Honeycomb – is the most promising material for manufacturing light and strong multi-purpose constructions. Paper Honeycomb is cell-shaped. The shape of cells resembles the shape of honeycomb. This is where the name of the material comes from.

Ecologically Friendly c Honeycomb Transportation Efficiency Technological Simplicity of Honeycomb
  Paper Honeycomb is an ecologically friendly product and is cheap to recycle. Other useful characteristics are:
  • low price level;
  • high quality end product.
  transportation and storing in unexpanded condition allows:
  • to cut costs on transportation;
  • minimize the area of warehouse.
  • simple technological process of manufacturing, which does not require additional treatment
    before implementation;
  • less weight and high strength characteristics;
  • better heat and noise insulation.
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